GamingWhat is jormungandr ignis breeding combo?

What is jormungandr ignis breeding combo?

In the world of monster breeding, few creatures inspire awe and terror like Jörmungandr Ignis. This majestic beast, inspired by Norse mythology, is a coveted addition to any monster collection. However, breeding Jörmungandr Ignis requires a deep understanding of its unique characteristics and a well-planned strategy. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of monster breeding and explore the optimal breeding combo for unleashing the fury of Jörmungandr Ignis.

Understanding Jörmungandr Ignis

Before diving into the breeding process, it’s essential to understand the characteristics and requirements of Jörmungandr Ignis. This fire-type monster is a variant of the legendary Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr. Its name, Ignis, is derived from the Latin word for fire, reflecting its fiery nature.
Jörmungandr Ignis boasts impressive stats, including high HP and Attack power. Its abilities, such as Flame Body and Fireball, make it a formidable opponent on the battlefield. However, its rarity and breeding requirements make it a challenging addition to any monster collection.

Breeding Requirements

To breed Jörmungandr Ignis, you’ll need to meet specific requirements:
  • Breeding Type: Fire-type monsters only
  • Rarity: High-rarity monsters (4-5 stars)
  • Level: Both parent monsters must be at least level 20

Optimal Breeding Combo

After careful analysis and experimentation, we’ve identified the optimal breeding combo for Jörmungandr Ignis:
Parent 1: Moloch (5-star, Fire-type, Level 20+)
  • Reasoning: Moloch’s high Attack power and Fire-type moves make it an ideal candidate for breeding Jörmungandr Ignis. Its ability, Flame Body, also complements the desired traits.
Parent 2: Pyrope (4-star, Fire-type, Level 20+)
  • Reasoning: Pyrope’s high HP and Fire-type moves align with the requirements. Its ability, Fireball, also increases the chances of passing on the desired traits.

Breeding Strategy

To maximize your chances of breeding Jörmungandr Ignis:
  1. Level up both parent monsters to at least level 20.
  2. Ensure both parents have high friendship levels (at least 50%).
  3. Use the optimal breeding combo (Moloch + Pyrope).
  4. Breeding attempts may require multiple tries; don’t get discouraged!


Breeding Jörmungandr Ignis requires patience, persistence, and a deep understanding of its characteristics and requirements. By following the optimal breeding combo and strategy outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to unleashing the fury of this majestic creature on the battlefield. Embrace the challenge, and happy breeding!
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