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Home Inspection Before Purchase

We offer a specialized technical advisory service in the purchase of used homes. We will carry out a very thorough home inspection before purchasing and deliver a complete report to the client on the actual condition of the home they are purchasing.

Benefits of performing a home inspection before purchasing:

You can negotiate the purchase price:

Our service could save you thousands of euros. By understanding the actual cost of renovation, thanks to us, you’ll be able to negotiate a better purchase price with the seller – armed with solid facts. If renovations will be expensive, we may help persuade the seller to lower their asking price.

Free service cost in our renovation projects.

The cost of the service is deducted from the budget for the renovation that the client contracts with Rick’s Home Inspection.

If the renovation is not contracted with us, we would invoice the inspection work. See conditions.

Service throughout the Rick’s Home Inspection.

Our 15 years of experience in construction and renovations has given us knowledge and experience throughout the Rick’s Home Inspection, in which we place our scope of action.

We are specialists in renovations expert, and our experience in that area allows us to quickly detect the common pathologies of its buildings and their bureaucratic particularities.

 A specialized architect and engineer will carry out the home inspection.

Our technical team will carry out a complete inspection of the used home before purchasing it.

They will review the structure, the facilities, the waterproofing, the risk of humidity, etc. They will discover possible defects and pathologies in the home, for example in floors, foundations, basement, common areas, deterioration in the roofs…

A simple visual inspection is not enough, our professionals will give you real and complete information.

Real reform budget:

Once the inspection is completed, we will calculate a real renovation budget, including all repairs to the deficiencies that the technicians have found.

With this valuable information you will discover if purchase cost + renovation cost is equal to a successful investment and a good purchase choice.

We help you in the search for a profitable used home:

If in the end the sum of purchase + renovation is not profitable, we will find a used home that interests you.

Benefits of inspecting an apartment before buying it

  1. You will know well the property you will buy

Buying a property is an important step in the lives of many people and requires deep reflection, since it involves investing large amounts of money. Therefore, to ensure that your investment is worth it, it is essential to inspect the property you are interested in purchasing.

As we mentioned in the previous point, one of the biggest advantages of home inspections is that they allow you to gain greater knowledge about the property and help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Remember that this is a very important purchasing decision, so you should know everything about the property so as not to get carried away by its aesthetics.

  1. You will live safer                                                                          

Skipping a property inspection is risky and can have serious consequences. For example, if you ignore a faulty electrical system, it can quickly become a fire hazard.

In this sense, whether it is an old home or a newly built one, you will want to inspect it thoroughly in the company of an expert. This way, you will be able to identify any problems that may pose a threat to your security.

  1. You will have the option to negotiate the final price

Another advantage of this practice is the power it gives you to negotiate a lower price. If the property you are interested in is a little out of your budget, the information you obtain during the inspection could be useful to get a better offer.

We know and select homes for the client that are in a state of purchase and in good condition for subsequent renovation. So that you make a profitable purchase.

Rick’s Home Inspection guarantees you a good purchasing decision, if you carry out a home inspection before buying you will have a detailed analysis of its condition and the renovation and construction needs it requires.


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