Hire McAllister Orthodontics Experts for Braces And Invisible Orthodontics

Hire McAllister Orthodontics Experts for Braces And Invisible Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that has developed significantly in recent decades, offering a variety of options to correct tooth alignment and bite. Two of the most common options are traditional braces and invisible orthodontics. Today, from McAllister Orthodontics, we remind you of the differences between the two.

Differences Between Braces And Invisible Orthodontics

Visibility: While metal braces are notorious for being visible and can be less aesthetically pleasing, invisible orthodontics is the opposite. It uses clear aligners that are virtually undetectable, making them an aesthetic option for those who want to maintain their appearance during treatment.

Comfort Braces: They can cause discomfort, chafing, and wounds in the mouth due to their metal structure. For their part, invisible aligners are soft and comfortable, since they do not contain wires or pieces that can cause oral injuries. In addition, since they are removable for eating and brushing your teeth, they make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene.

Treatment Process: Treatment with braces is usually longer compared to invisible orthodontics. With the latter, the aligners are changed every few weeks, often allowing for faster and more efficient treatment.

Adjustments and appointments: While braces require regular visits to the orthodontist for adjustments and changes to the wires and ligatures, invisible orthodontics requires less frequent appointments since the aligners are replaced at home.

Food In this regard, braces require caution when eating certain foods, as they can become trapped in the braces or damage them, something that does not happen with invisible orthodontics. By removing the aligners to eat, you can enjoy any meal without restrictions.

The choice of treatment depends on the patient’s problem, more or less serious), the use of one or the other will be recommended. The dentist will always be the one who has the last word as the specialist McAllister Orthodontics.

McAllister Orthodontics Professional Team

At McAllister Orthodontics you can find the best dentists, fully qualified and backed by years of experience in dental treatments and the oral health of patients.

Our professional profiles enjoy training given by the best dental centers and universities in the world, which means that we can offer exceptional services to our clients. In this way, they trust us and feel safe, which fills us with pride at McAllister Orthodontics.

Our team of McAllister Orthodontics is now the top generation of professionals since our dental clinic took its first steps.

Without a doubt, dentistry is our vocation and this is how we make it reach our patients through humane and quality treatment like a good Palencia dentist.

McAllister Orthodontics has professional dentists who guarantee quality services and a wide range of dental treatments, being pioneers both in invisible Invisalign orthodontics in dental implants.

Technological innovations in the dental clinic

Our specialist doctors have always sought to be at the forefront of the most innovative dental treatments in the sector. Our extensive experience makes us a reference in the dental sector thanks to our specialist teacher.

In addition, the dental center has advanced technology contemporary with our times that is continually being renewed to incorporate each of the advances in the dentistry sector into our services.

We pursue the goal of giving patients what they need under a quality dental service where success is guaranteed. All this for a small price and with as little pain as possible.

We have computer-guided surgery, 3D diagnosis, and planning, as well as 3D digital smile design.

We have modern facilities, extensive experience, and specific knowledge of each type of treatment, always ensuring the best result for each patient. Our extensive experience makes us a reference in the dental sector thanks to McAllister Orthodontics.

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