Unveiling the Charms of The Gari Resorts Bidadi: A Paradise in Karnataka


Welcome to a realm of tranquil charm and luxurious retreat at The Gari Resorts Bidadi. Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Karnataka, this haven offers an unparalleled escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the myriad delights awaiting you at The Gari Resorts Bidadi, from its breathtaking surroundings to its exquisite amenities and recreational activities.

Exploring The Gari Resorts Bidadi

Unraveling the Essence of The Gari Resorts Bidadi

Embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into the essence of The Gari Resorts Bidadi, a sanctuary where nature’s serenity meets modern luxury.

Luxury Accommodation

Experience opulence and comfort in the lap of nature with our range of luxurious accommodations, ranging from cozy cottages to spacious villas, each designed to offer the utmost relaxation and rejuvenation.

Scenic Beauty

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Bidadi’s landscapes, where lush greenery and rolling hills create a picturesque backdrop for your getaway.

Culinary Delights

Savor the flavors of Karnataka with our delectable culinary offerings, showcasing a fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine crafted with the freshest local ingredients.

Recreational Activities

From adventurous treks to tranquil nature walks, indulge your senses in a variety of recreational activities amidst the stunning surroundings of The Gari Resorts Bidadi.

Wellness Retreat

Embark on a journey of holistic well-being at our wellness retreat, where expert therapists and rejuvenating treatments await to revitalize your body, mind, and soul.

Corporate Events and Weddings

Host memorable corporate events or fairy-tale weddings amidst the enchanting ambiance of The Gari Resorts Bidadi, with personalized services and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a seamless experience.

Local Attractions

Explore the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of Bidadi and its surroundings, with a myriad of attractions waiting to be discovered just moments away from the resort.

Community Engagement

Experience the joy of giving back to the community with our sustainable initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and empowering local communities.


Discover why guests rave about their experiences at The Gari Resorts Bidadi, as we share heartwarming testimonials that speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.


  • Is The Gari Resorts Bidadi pet-friendly? Yes, we welcome your furry friends with open arms to ensure a complete family experience.
  • What leisure activities are available at the resort? Guests can enjoy a range of leisure activities including swimming, cycling, indoor games, and outdoor adventures.
  • Are there any special packages for honeymooners? Indeed, we offer exclusive honeymoon packages tailored to create unforgettable memories for newlyweds.
  • Do you provide transportation services from the airport? Yes, we offer convenient transportation services to and from the airport for our guests’ comfort and convenience.
  • Are there facilities for differently-abled guests? Absolutely, we are committed to ensuring accessibility for all guests with specially designed facilities and services.
  • Can I book adventure tours and excursions through the resort? Certainly, our concierge desk can assist you in arranging thrilling adventure tours and excursions to explore the wonders of Bidadi and its surroundings.


Escape to a realm of unparalleled luxury and natural beauty at The Gari Resorts Bidadi, where every moment is a celebration of serenity and indulgence. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or simply a tranquil retreat, our resort promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and longing to return.

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