BlogThe Unexpected Benefits of Attached Living (Specifically Town Houses)

The Unexpected Benefits of Attached Living (Specifically Town Houses)

What’s attached living, you ask. In case you aren’t in the know, it refers to living in shared walls and presumably, limited space. But depending on the developer, attached living can offer a high standard of living for the modern family.

For some, the dream might be a standalone house with a sprawling backyard. But lately, there’s been a growing segment getting attracted to the surprising advantages of attached living, specifically town houses. Standalone homes might not be for everyone, and it’s time we unlock a lifestyle full of convenience and a sense of community, thanks to townhouses. 

1. Boosting Your Budget

Put a townhouse and a detached home in the same area, and there’s a high probability that the latter demands a higher price. And why not? Standalone homes may come as more appealing structure-wise. But it doesn’t make sense for everyone.

If you have a young family, for example, a townhouse might be enough. It also works if you’re a first-time homebuyer since lower purchase means smaller mortgage payments. You’ll have more resources for hobbies, travel and building your savings. The structure of a townhouse also calls for lower maintenance costs! 

2. Location Definitely Matters

Often, townhomes are located in desirable areas. Them being walkable and bike-friendly are a definite bonus—safe and you avoid heavy traffic! You’ll enjoy proximity to restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment hubs and all sorts of shops. 

If you have friends or relatives in the area, you can meet at a bar or café without having to drive. Bus stops and train stations might also be a short stroll away!

3. A Sense of Community

Just looking at the way townhouses are built, you can see that they can potentially foster a sense of community. You’re more likely to meet and have casual interactions with your neighbours than if you live in a standalone house. 

New to the area? You’d be happy to see friendly faces, which further brings a sense of security and belonging. You can also meet other neighbours at social events organised by the community!

4. Low-Maintenance Living

Compared to standalone houses, townhomes typically have a smaller yard. If you’re a busy professional, it would probably delight you that you don’t need to spend time doing yard work. In some cases, the shared walls and potentially common areas might mean the responsibility of maintenance falls to the homeowners’ association. Come to think of it: less yard also means less spending and stress.

5. Efficient Use of Space

Do you desire a minimalist lifestyle? Well, modern townhouses are designed to make the most of available space. Open-plan layouts create a sense of spaciousness, while clever storage solutions help keep things organised and clutter-free. Again, if you or your family doesn’t require a lot of square footage, then why purchase a large house?

Is Townhouse Living Right for You?

Knowing the unexpected benefits of attached living, you can now decide if a townhouse is right for you. Do you value a more manageable living situation? Are you looking to downsize? Do you long for a community or want more money for your hobbies? A townhouse might be best for you!

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