LifestyleAll the latest details of the FF16 Crossover Event with FF14

All the latest details of the FF16 Crossover Event with FF14

You wanna know what’s the latest update in the world of FF14? Naoki Yoshida, or Yoshi-P for short, has just announced a crossover between two famous mainline entries of the Final Fantasy series; you guessed it, it’s Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI!

Remember that crossover event that involved Final Fantasy XV? This crossover for Final Fantasy XVI is the same as that one, which will have loads of goodies when you log in to the game, so don’t miss your chance.

Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI
The Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI Crossover Event, also known as the FF14/FF16 Crossover Event, was revealed last year by the director of both games, Naoki Yoshida, or Yoshi-P as known by fans, at the Final Fantasy Fan Fest of 2023, around the same time when Dawntrail was revealed.
Previous collaboration events that happened in the past have their gear available in store, and you can use your FFXIV gil to purchase gear that appeared in previous collaborations to gain an advantage in your gameplay.
What will be present in the crossover?
The collaboration quest will be known as “The Path Infernal,” and the name takes inspiration from Clive’s connection to the Second Eikon of Fire, Ifrit. If you have yet to play the latest installment of the Final Fantasy series and do not have a PlayStation 5 console to play it, you can play on PC, although it will take some time for that to be released as well.

The collaboration quest should not spoil much of FF16’s story, as stated by Yoshi-P, and should give players of all gaming platforms a taste of what Clive’s adventure is like! The rewards for the completion of this quest include an armor inspired by Clive’s main armor in a set of Metian Glamours in the main game of Final Fantasy XVI, along with his loyal wolfhound Torgal being a ridable mount (in adult form) and an adorable companion (in his puppy form.)

Alongside the main rewards, there is a Clive Triple Triad Card and a handful of orchestration rolls based on the main soundtrack of FF16, which was also composed by the main composer of FF14, Masayoshi Soken.

Duration of this quest and how to access it.
If you are curious about the timeline of this quest, you can access this quest from April 2nd, 2024, until May 8th, 2024, which is an ample amount of time for players to reap the rewards of this quest.

You can find the starting quest “A Land on Fire” in Ul’dah’s Steps of Nald, but you will need to have at least Level 50 and have completed the main scenario quest – “The Ultimate Weapon,” which is at the end of the base game, A Realm Reborn, the first expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, to gain access to the Final Fantasy XVI collaboration quest.

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