BusinessThe Ergo-Obsessed Interior Architect: Designing Healthy Workspaces That Actually Work.

The Ergo-Obsessed Interior Architect: Designing Healthy Workspaces That Actually Work.

Let’s be real – when you picture an interior architect London, you’re probably imagining someone obsessing over the latest luxury apartment renovation or dreaming up the next enviable commercial lobby. Gorgeous spaces focused more on Instagram optics than actual human experiences, am I right?

Well, I’m here to shake up that perception a bit. Because for me, design is about so much more than just making things look pretty. It’s about intentionally shaping environments that actively contribute to our health, comfort, and overall wellbeing. Especially when it comes to where we spend most of our waking hours – the office.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “But, don’t most offices just kind of…suck? Harsh lighting, cramped cubicles, you’re practically begging for health issues!” And you’re not wrong! That’s exactly why I’ve made ergonomic, human-centric workplace design my calling as an interior architect in London.

Because at the end of the day, an amazing office isn’t about having the trendiest breakroom or flexing with the latest office palette (although those things are nice). It’s about crafting spaces that make people genuinely want to show up and do their best work day in, day out. Spaces that support our bodies and minds instead of slowly breaking them down.

It starts with the little things that sort of seem like no-brainers but are so often overlooked: Proper desk and chair heights to prevent back pain. Strategically positioned monitors to reduce eye strain and neck cricks. Adequate lighting, temperature control, sound masking – apparently some basic human needs aren’t so basic in office land!

But my obsession with workplace ergo goes way beyond just checking boxes. It’s a holistic approach to designing active, intuitive environments that almost trick people into being healthier without even realizing it.

Like this project I did for a tech company’s new digs in Shoreditch: Height-adjustable standing desks to get people moving more. A mix of funky sitting options like wobble chairs and exercise balls to engage those core muscles. Casual meeting nooks and phone booths to discourage marathon bouts of static chair-sweathing. It’s all about making the healthy choice the path of least resistance.

And bringing nature inside is another one of my favorite wellness hacks. In a recent office for a clothing brand, we created this gorgeous living wall as the focal point – not just for the obvious air-purifying benefits, but to give brains a microbreak from digital strain. Biophilic design for the win!

Speaking of recharging, I’m also a big fan of creating little oasis spaces amid the hustle. Cozy library niches perfect for solo work, soft lounge areas for a fresh perspective, even outdoor terraces if the space allows. A chance to escape from that “always on” grind, you know?

But for as obsessive as I can get about the ergonomic minutiae, my biggest goal is just fostering happier, healthier employees. That’s why I always kick things off with developing an authentic understanding of a client’s work culture, habits, and pain points. From there, it’s about designing bespoke solutions tailored to their unique workplace needs and challenges.

Do I take it a little too far sometimes? Maybe. A few clients have politely reminded me that workers can’t actually subsist on living walls and haven’t evolved to be productive while standing on Swiss balls (YET!). But I like to think of it as pushing boundaries in the pursuit of progress.

At the end of the day, I just want to make it unambiguously better to spend the majority of your day at the office. Not feel guilted into working longer hours, but genuinely enjoying being in the kind of high-performing, health-promoting environment that leaves you feeling energized rather than depleted.

Sure, I may geek out more than most over monitor angles and air purification systems. But to me, that’s what great workplace design is all about – the relentless pursuit of any little ergo-tweak or human-centered innovation that can help people thrive.

Sounds a bit lofty and overzealous for an interior architect? Maybe. But I’m just relieved that drop-ceilings and drab cubicles are no longer society’s best offer for where we spend most of our lives. We owe it to ourselves to expect so much more from our offices. Even if it takes a certification-toting ergo-nerd like me to make it happen!


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