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How to Select the Ideal Wedding Venue for Your Style

Planning a wedding?  Excellent, you’ll need this advice: Whatever you do, do not underestimate the power of style?

The style of your wedding determines the whole experience. To put it bluntly, style is the key ingredient needed to transform your wedding from ordinary to outstanding.

Feel the pressure?

Good. You understand how crucial style really is.

Now, there are a ton of different approaches with specific elements that contribute to each. From dresses to décor, every decision you make along your wedding planning journey should align with your overall theme.

But there is one decision that has more influence than any other, and that’s what we’re dedicating this piece to: the wedding venue. Here’s everything you need to know to help you choose the perfect venue for your big day.

How do you find your wedding style?

Before choosing a venue that aligns with your specific style, you have to define what it actually is. Achieving that starts with you hitting the drawing board—the Pinterest board—and gathering together all the images that speak to you.

Ask yourself:

  • What styles are you coveting? (modern, boho, minimalist, themed…)
  • What details are included in that style?
  • What décor elements are used?
  • Are you drawn indoors or out?
  • What type of architecture is associated with that particular style?
  • What’s the underlying mood or feeling?

The more specific you are, the better. Clarifying your vision and breaking it down to the minutia makes it so much easier to achieve.

Large wedding or small?

Can you imagine how depressing it would be if you booked a high-capacity venue for a small intimate affair? All that cold, empty space, the echoes of footfalls…unless you’re going for a spooky abandoned vibe, that’s something you’ll likely want to avoid.

Make sure you have an accurate headcount for your wedding celebration, and select the venue accordingly. In addition, clarifying your budget early helps determine which venues you should view.

What are your ideal wedding venue views?

The views and location help bring the style and vision to life. A get-together on a rooftop bar of an upscale downtown hotel is ideal for a modern black-tie event. The city skyline and glittering lights make for the perfect cosmopolitan backdrop.

An outdoor ceremony tucked away in the woods with twinkling lights, lace, silk, and a dreamy mixture of man-made and natural elements is incredible for that ethereal fairytale feel.

You want the location to be convenient for guests—if it requires they lace up hiking boots and consult a compass, you may have gone too far—but generally speaking, you want the views and location of the wedding to uphold the integrity of your theme.

What architectural elements align with your wedding theme?

If your style is vintage or classic, opt for historic charm and old-school craftsmanship. If you’re going for a Gatsby themed 1920s feel, an old brick building with a mahogany bar and cocktail vibe is where it’s at. Bonus points if you hire a jazz band.

In addition, consider indoors or out: do you want a wedding and reception that’s mostly outdoors? Or a combo of the two? Or are you happy indoors only?

Do some research to determine which architectural details you need.

What kind of lighting does your wedding theme require?

To say lighting is powerful in creating mood is a colossal understatement. When it comes to influencing mood, the right light is everything. Can you picture Bella and Edward tying the knot under buzzing fluorescent lights? No. There’d be no magic.

Review your Pinterest pics: are you drawn to bright sun-splashed images, or do you gravitate toward the romantic candlelit feel? How about your wedding theme? Is it centered around copious amounts of natural light provided by floor to ceiling windows, or does it err in the direction of an intimate low-lit cozy after hours feel?

Can you picture your wedding at the venue?

When touring venues, envision hosting your wedding there. Think about things that are pertinent to your particular celebration. Things like, what would the layout be? Where will you tie the knot? Where will you take pics? Where would the band set up, and is there enough room for a dance floor?

What’s included with the venue?

What are the policies and restrictions? How about the parking capacity? What amenities are included? Do they have an in-house PA system and a kitchen? Do they provide tables, chairs and linens? Is there a space to get ready? A cozy den with vintage well-worn leather seats for the groomsmen to gather, perhaps?

Make sure you are clear on the venue policies and that they align with your wedding plans.

While it may be tempting to skim through contracts, read through yours thoroughly. It would be a shame if you wanted to host the reception from 6pm – 10pm, only to discover on your wedding day that the contract you signed stipulated that everything had to be cleared out and cleaned up by 7pm.

Which wedding venue feels right?

Ultimately, gut instinct plays a huge role in venue selection. Just like with your fiancée, when you find the one, you know. Listen to your gut, and if the right criterias there, you know you’ve found a winner.


Just like anything in life, when you’re clear about what you want and need, it becomes much easier to find the perfect one.

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