BlogHow to Choose the Right Automatic Knife for Your Needs and Budget

How to Choose the Right Automatic Knife for Your Needs and Budget

Nowadays, people are using automatic knives for different purposes. It is not only used for utility but also as a fashion tool. OTF (out-the-front) knives have many uses, such as self-defence, cutting, carving, and many other features. However, you should consider several factors while selecting the best OTF knives for your needs. 

Pocket knives suppliers regularly improve their products (knives) to provide additional comfort and convenience to the buyers. To enjoy the additional benefits of using automatic knives, select the right knife available in the market at the best price. The following section highlights the most significant factors to know before buying an automatic knife. 

Top 6 Things To Know Before Selecting An Automatic Knife

There are many elements to check while buying an automatic pocket knife. The most essential things are mentioned hereunder. 

  1. Blade Type

The first and foremost thing to consider in OTF knives is the shape of the blade. You can select a blade type from various options such as drop point, clip point, dagger, spear point, tanto, etc. The most suitable blade type depends on your usage. If the purpose is slicing or piercing, you should ideally select the drop point type. Similarly, you should ascertain the knife usage and choose the most appropriate blade type. 

  1. Size

The length and width of a knife are the most valuable factors and indicate the ease of use and portability. A large automatic knife will help you with many purposes and is more effective. But, these knives will not be portable. 

  1. Blade Material

The knife material is also a vital thing to consider, as it highlights the longevity and durability of the knife. The most common materials are alloy, steel, and aluminum. Each material has its pros and cons. So, select the material wisely depending on your usage. 

  1. Weight

The weight of an automatic knife depends on how fast you will be able to deploy the knife. The lighter the weight, the easier it becomes to open and use for different purposes. A heavy knife will offer durability and strong cutting efficiency but will be slow to open and use. 

  1. Price

You should strike a balance between quality and price point. A cheap OTF knife might be unsafe to use. Additionally, these knives can be of substandard quality and might wear out faster. Therefore, you should not compromise on quality for the price factor. 

  1. Safety

This element highlights the knife design and showcases how safe it is when kept in the pocket. Sometimes, OTF knives might open accidentally in your pocket. These indicate that the particular knife is unsafe to use. The safety specs to consider include knife locks, guards, switches, etc. 

Key Takeaway

The decision to buy the right automatic knives brings a variety of factors into consideration. Apart from safety, price, and blade type, there are many other factors you should think about before buying an OTF knife. These include the handle material, action, and usage. 


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