BusinessHow to Book a Round the World Flight With Qantas Points

How to Book a Round the World Flight With Qantas Points

Few experiences in adventure and travel can compare to the exhilaration of beginning a round-the-world flight. Whether it is the appeal of different cultures, magnificent vistas or simply the thrill of travel, arranging such an adventure may be difficult. Have you ever found yourself in such a scenario? Worry not; here is all you need. However, booking a round-the-world flight with Qantas Points and their extensive network of partners is doable and incredibly lucrative.

Understanding Round-the-world Flights

One prominent feature of round-the-world flights is their unmatched flexibility. It allows travellers to choose their itinerary based on their likes and interests. Adventurers can circle the world with a single ticket and several stops along the route.

Why Choose Qantas Points?

Qantas Points, a dependable currency of Qantas Airways, provide a fantastic choice for purchasing round-the-world tickets at a reasonable price. Qantas’ vast alliance network, including Oneworld and several partner airlines, provides convenient and unrivalled access to locations worldwide. Qantas Points may be earned through various activities, including flights, credit card purchases, and partner promotions, making them easily accessible to travellers.

Planning Your Round-the-world Itinerary

It’s crucial and essential to framework your desired route before diving into the booking process. Consider the destination that you wish to visit, the duration of your journey, and any specific experiences you want to put in along the journey. With Qantas Points, you have the flexibility to customise your route, allowing for wide and diverse adventures and cultural engagement along the way.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking

  1. Research and Plan: Qantas Point has integrated online tools plus resources that can be utilised to do immense research and flight options and then plan for your itinerary journey. Consider aspects such as airline availability, travel dates, and potential stopover destinations.
  2. Check Point Balance: Ensure you have enough Qantas Points balance to cover your desired journey. If you found it insufficient, consider transferring points from partner programs or leveraging Qantas’ top-up options for comfortability.
  3. Log in to Qantas frequent flyer: Check your Qantas frequent flyer account through the official website or mobile app to initiate the booking process.
  4. Select multi-city booking: The multi-city booking option has a variety of options. This allows you to input multiple destinations and create a comprehensive itinerary for your round-the-world journey.
  5. Choose Airlines and Routes: Discover the variety of airline options available through Qantas’ alliance network and select the best routes suited to your itinerary preferences.
  6. Finalise Booking: Check and re-check the details carefully, including flight times, layovers, and any additional fees or taxes. Once you’ve confirmed and filled out your itinerary and selected your flights, proceed to finalise the booking.
  7. Redeem Qantas Points: To realise a seamless and cost-effective booking process. Use your total accumulated Qantas Points to redeem the selected flights, 

Tips for Maximising Value

  • Flexible Travel Dates: Stick and be flexible with travel dates to realise lower point redemption rates and increased availability.
  • Utilise Partner Airlines: Conduct extensive research to explore the network of Qantas’ partner airlines to acquire additional destinations and optimise your travel options.
  • Consider Stopovers: To explore new cities and cultures along the way, include stopovers in your journey to attaining your best round-the-world experience.
  • Stay Updated: To maximise the value of your Qantas Points and foster your travel experience, Keep checking for promotions, special offers, and bonus point opportunities. 


Booking a round-the-world flight with Qantas Points allows embarking on a transformative journey across continents and cultures by opening up a world of possibilities and making connections. You can transform your travel dreams into a reality with the best decision and careful planning, strategic point redemption, and a spirit of adventure and exploration. So, wait no more. Take the first step towards your round-the-world exploration and plan your remarkable journey today.

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