BusinessGreat gift ideas to welcome new employees

Great gift ideas to welcome new employees

To set up your new hires for success, and earn their loyalty, consider giving them welcome to the company gifts. Whether it is a tshirt print on demand with the company logo, or something else, it is a way to show your appreciation and support. It is also a way to encourage them to be successful in their role within your business. Workers who have employers that care are more likely to put in the time and effort in their position, and that can only help your business do better. A lot of people are just as focused on things like company culture as well as the basics like pay and leave.

Ideas for leaving a positive impression on new staff

Here are some ideas for welcome gifts for new hires that will leave them with a great impression of you and the company.

  1. Give them a customized shirt and show them around – Sometimes bosses keep a distance from their employees when actually some interaction would be better. Give them a tour of where they will work and take advantage of wholesale tshirt printing to gift them.
  2. Give them the essential supplies – As a gift when they get in make sure they have a workspace ready and have some things they can use, a mouse mat, laptop and laptop sleeve, headphones, phone and so on. Some of those items can easily be customized with a company logo.
  3. Make introductions – Take them around to key staff and their team members and introduce them so they feel more at ease and welcome.
  4. Take them to lunch or happy hour – Take them and maybe the people they will work closely with to lunch or happy hour and let them relax and get to know each other and you.

Welcome to the company gift ideas!

Here are just some of the things you might choose to gift to welcome a new worker.

Customized garments

Wholesale tshirt printing is especially popular in this but there are a lot of other things you might choose to customize and then gift. Hoodies, tanks, sweatshirts, hats, joggers and jackets work well. When they wear that garment outside of the office they are marketing the business. It helps to create the feeling of being part of a team.

Office essentials

Some fun things you can give away to keep at the office include mugs, pens, mouse mats, phone covers, laptop sleeves, notebooks, keychains and reusable water bottles.

Gift basket to encourage wellness

To encourage new staff to look after themselves how about a tote bag with a yoga mat inside it, or a gift basket with self-care inspired items inside it.

New tech supplies

Tech and gadgets are just as popular as choosing to gift a tshirt print on demand. Think about things like phone chargers, USB sticks, wireless headphones, a portable power bank for example.

Something yummy to eat or drink

People love getting snacks! Have a mix of different things, or go with a theme like a chocolate basket, or a gourmet popcorn basket. Add in some non-alcoholic drinks if you are so inclined.

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