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Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets – What Are They and a Few Ideas to Pick the Perfect One

Are you the type of person who goes out to get a simple gift voucher as a gift because you don’t know what to get people?

This can be considered impersonal.

The best thing to do is get them gift boxes or gift baskets NZ.

A well thought out gift basket will show that special someone you care about them and put some thought into their gift.

Read on to get a few ideas for the perfect gift boxes NZ, what the difference between a gift box and gift basket is, and how to find the perfect one.

Gift basket vs gift box

Gift boxes and gift baskets are almost identical, but there are slight differences.

Both include multiple items.

They can be themed for certain occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or even weddings.

Items that go in them can include sweets, food items, alcohol, soaps, spa treatment items, or any other items like puzzles and games.

The main difference is that a gift box is typically placed horizontally, whereas a gift basket has all the items placed in it vertically.

Gift boxes can be made of different materials.

Some are made of wood, fabric, silver trays, or even the top of a lid.

Baskets can also be made of wood or fabric, but may also come in metal containers, or crates.

They can come in any shape or size.

Gift ideas

Everyone has heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but did you know that flowers and chocolates can make a woman just as happy?

A great idea for a gift basket or box for any female includes adding chocolates, truffles wine or champagne, and other sweet treats.

Another idea includes things to allow them to pamper themselves, like soaps, lotions, face masks, and other spa treatment items.

Other items like luxury chocolates and wine or champagne can also be added to a spa day or “pamper me” box or basket to complete the gift and the experience.

Men are also easy to please with chocolates but to really make their day add in some craft beer or beers from around the world.

A great gift box or basket for men can also include tools, whiskey or other alcohol, stuff from his favourite team, sports or fishing gear, and stuff like beard oil or shaving cream.

For the person who does not drink or a younger person, you can include tea instead of alcohol.

Finding the perfect gift box or basket

Whether you want to get gift boxes NZ or gift baskets NZ for that special someone, do your research to find the perfect one.

Make a list of all the things they enjoy.

Decide what items from the list you want to include.

Determine what your budget is.

If you want to have it shipped to their door or live too far to personally deliver it, look online for premade boxes or baskets in your price range that include all the items you want to include.

Look at the pictures of them to verify that they are laid out and look the way you would want them to.

For a special touch, have a specialised note included.

No matter what you decide, a gift box or gift basket is sure to bring joy to the receiver.

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