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FAQs About Ordering Medications Online – Answering Common Concerns

Here are some of the most common questions people have about using a pharmacy online.

Q1. Is it safe to use an online pharmacy?

A1. There are a lot of active pharmacies online but not all of them are licensed or safe. Keep in mind that that does not mean they are all fraudulent, but they might not meet US laws or standards and as a result, are not recommended. It is safe to use an online pharmacy as long as you find one that safeguards your health and privacy. The draw of others is the hugely discounted prices they offer, which in countries like the US where prices of medications are high, is very attractive. But then they send incorrect drugs, mix things in with the drugs, steal your information and more. The key is to find the genuine ones and avoid being deceived.

Q2. What are the risks when you buy medications using the internet?

A2. There are a lot of different things those behind disreputable sites will do. Sometimes it is just a concern but sometimes these things can be deadly. They might put things into the medications that are harmful to make them cheaper to produce. They might sell completely incorrect medication, or sell them at the wrong dose or when they are out of date. There are risks from what they put in them to your illness not being treated properly. Even if you find a Dexilant coupon or some other good-looking deal, make sure it is with a good pharmacy. Sometimes the issue comes from them taking your credit card information, selling it to other sites and putting you at risk that way.

Q3. What to look for in a genuine pharmacy?

A3. If you want to be confident in the pharmacy you are considering you should make sure of the following;

  • They have a genuine license with the state or province they are based in
  • They ask for a prescription from a doctor before they will sell you any medicine
  • They give you access to a real pharmacist who can answer questions
  • They have a real address
  • Their payment page is secure
  • They offer real discounts like a Dexilant coupon for genuine meds

Q4. Can you buy medication from a pharmacy not in this country?

A4. It is not legal to buy medication from other countries but in general, the FDA does not charge people when it is for personal use. But there is a risk when you buy from a different country since their regulation and oversight are not the same, so the effectiveness and safety of the meds cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes the treatments have different ingredients in them that might not be something you can tolerate. There could be other side effects you were not prepared for.

Q5. What are red flags that a pharmacy might be unsafe to use?

A5. If you are able to buy medications that normally you need a prescription for that is a concern. Other things are offers and deals that are too hard to resist, being located not in the US or Canada, shipping from elsewhere, being spammed emails and not being licensed.

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