BusinessDiscover the New Era of Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Women's Hipster...

Discover the New Era of Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Hipster Style

Your panty is an undergarment invisible to others but plays an important role in your daily life. The right panty under your dress or skirt saves you from potential discomfort. Purchasing such a panty can be challenging as there are many options when it comes to women’s panties online. 

A popular style of panty that works for most women is the hipster. This is a simple guide to inform you about what are hipster-style panties, when to wear them, and how you can include them in your bra panty sets

Understanding the Concept of Hipster Panties

During the 1940s, the hipster was a common reference for sassy and casual apparel. The design of this panty gives you a combination of bikinis and boy shorts. Nowadays, hipster panties are available in different waistline alternatives. 

These women panties make you feel more confident without compromising on your fashion sense. 

When to Wear Hipster Panties?

Hipster panties have low-cut leg holes with wider sides. They are an ideal pick for everyday wear and offer ample coverage. 

You can wear these panties under body-hugging bottoms and are almost invisible under the apparel. 

Brands like Wacoal offer different types, coverage, styles, fabrics, and waist levels among hipster panties. 

We have discussed here a few hipster panty styles to include in your lingerie collection:

No Panty Line Hipster

When you wear close-fitted or tight clothes, you have to deal with visible panty lines that lead you to clumsy circumstances. These no-panty-line hipster panties are designed with even fabric that has a clean-edge finish that can save you from this issue of visible panty lines. 

Say goodbye to panty line concerns and walk with confidence in these seamless women panties under your tight-fitted clothes. 

Regular Hipster Panties

As the name suggests, they are suitable for everyday wear and you can prioritize comfort over style. You can wear these panties on summer outings, lengthy corporate meetings, or family gatherings. They allow you to spend the day in complete calm and enjoy each moment. You do not have to choose between comfort or fashion, rather experience both in one hipster panty. 

Printed Hipster

Your panty prints can reflect your vibe and charm your day. Today, you can find a wide array of hipster panty options from floral, stripes, and others. 

You can select a panty hipster based on your mood, style, and the occasion to bring positivity and happiness. 

Lace Hipster

These panties can be worn when you feel like wearing something bold, sassy, and sensuous. This panty variant is made from breathable fabric and offers proper coverage without ignoring your style quotient.  

The soft lace feels super comfortable and naturally increases your confidence. You are not conscious about your body or how you feel. These lace hipster women panties are suitable for your date night and add a fine charming touch. 

Plus-Size Hipster

These panties are precisely designed for full-figured and curvy women. Often, these women feel uncomfortable and have to adjust their panty which can be awkward when you are out at public gatherings. 

However, these panties are a perfect solution to their problem. This is a full-coverage plus-size hipster that offers them ample coverage throughout the day. Besides, you do not have to compromise on the fit or style. From size to patterns, and colors, you get to select your preferences as per your needs. 

Apart from these, you get the following waistline options to select from for your hipster panties:


These panties are designed for low-waist bottoms and jeans. You can include a low-waist panty in your closet to avoid awkward instances. This hipster panty fits well with your low-waist bottoms. 


These panties are designed to cover your waist and stomach area. It provides you with complete coverage and a sleek look. A high-waist panty hipster can be worn under body-fitting apparel that shapes your butt effortlessly. 

You can wear them under high-waisted jeans or bottoms for an appealing look. 


How many times have you kept that favorite dress back in the closet as it shows your belly? Well, it takes to get rid of the belly fat naturally but that does not mean you have to keep that dress hanging in the closet. 

Instead, wear a mid-waist hipster panty to avoid a look with a bloated stomach and look glamorous in that dress. These mid-waist panties are designed to hide your belly and flaunt your curves. 

Bra-Panty Sets at Wacoal Lingerie

Mysa Mid Waist Medium Every Day Bra-Panty Set: This is a pretty lace bra-panty set that comprises a mid-waist hipster panty along with a 3/4th cup non-wired and padded bra. This lace fabric is lightweight and feels soft against your skin. The hipster panty has a sewn-in cotton gusset and beautiful leaf lace design that enhances your overall appearance. 

Forma Mid Waist Medium Every Day Bra-Panty Set: This is a lace and trendy bra-panty set suitable for everyday wear. The fabric feels soft on your skin while the is padded and wired with a 3/4th cup. This mid-waist hipster panty is available in multiple sizes and is comfortable. 

The Wacoal website can inform you more about this bra-panty set and suggest additional options based on your preferences.

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