LifestyleDecorating the Home with a Gorgeous Oriental Rug

Decorating the Home with a Gorgeous Oriental Rug

One of the things that can have a huge impact on each room in your home, in different ways, is rugs. There are all kinds of types and styles to choose from, Oriental, Dynamic rugs Nordic style, modern, area, runner and more. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes too. The right choice can make a room more modern or elegant or even more welcoming. Guests can appreciate their appearance as much as you can. When considering options one of the popular choices is oriental rugs so here is a look.

Oriental rugs around the home

You will find oriental rugs typically placed in more common living areas such as the living room. After all, it is an attractive rug, and if handmade well, it has some value so it needs to be in a place where you and others can admire it! You can place it under a coffee table or if it is larger under the sofa also. The colors and patterns on an oriental rug are very recognizable and quite attractive. Just make sure you properly size the area where you want to lay it down. It looks better to have the sofa at least partially on the rug or even completely on it so make sure to keep that in mind as you measure. If you do decide not to have the sofa on the rug at all make sure it is close to it still, within 2 inches preferably.

If you want an oriental rug in the dining room that is also a good choice. It can really set the tone for the room and make it more interesting to be in as people sit and eat and talk. Just make sure you get the size and shape right in there. You should be able to see the rug past the sides of the table by another 24 inches at each side so that chairs can be pulled back easily and still stay on the rug. You also do not want to have to fight with the rug and chair each time you pull out a chair and pull it back in. Dynamic area rugs are also a good choice for a dining room whether you have a more casual setup or you prefer formality.

The bedroom is a good choice if you prefer to keep your rug more private and less used. You can still enjoy it there though. It should align with the bedside tables and extend the length of the whole bed and then a bit further.


When looking for rugs for your home whether you choose Dynamic rugs Nordic, oriental or something else, you can look forward to how much they add to each room. You can even have rugs that you change in and out during different seasons or when you want to change the look of a room but do not want to spend time doing a complete re-decoration. Just get the measurements correct and check them multiple times so you do not buy something that is completely wrong for the space.

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