BlogCrypto Exchange Apps with Widest Range of Crypto

Crypto Exchange Apps with Widest Range of Crypto

In the fast-paced realm of digital assets, crypto exchanges resemble vibrant marketplaces, much like traditional stock exchanges. They provide platforms accessible through mobile apps or desktops where individuals can trade digital assets, offering a range of tools for both trading and investing. The leading crypto exchanges are like reliable companions, helping navigate the exciting journey with their expertise and support.

This blog will explore five outstanding platforms known for their extensive selection of tradable assets: Bitget, ZebPay, BitBNS, Mudrex, and WazirX. These platforms stand out in the expansive crypto landscape, providing a variety of options for traders. As we evaluated these platforms, we carefully considered crucial aspects like regulatory compliance, financial flexibility, robust security measures, and the diversity of crypto-supported. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive information, empowering you to choose the perfect platform for your crypto journey.

What are crypto exchanges?

Crypto exchanges offer a wide range of ways to trade, from margin and lending trading to futures and options trading. Earlier, obtaining crypto was limited to mining or online forums. However, now, numerous global exchanges operate with diverse security levels and fee structures. 

Imagine crypto exchanges as different flavors of markets: centralized ones, with a clear authority managing transactions; decentralized ones, operating without a central figure; and hybrid exchanges, blending features of both. These platforms are like your go-to stores, making it easy to get crypto and offering genuine trading opportunities, much like traditional markets do.

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Top Crypto Exchange Apps with the Widest Range of Crypto

1. ZebPay

In 2014, three driven individuals embarked on a mission to revolutionize crypto trading through ZebPay. Their shared vision birthed a platform that aimed to change how people interact with digital assets. As of 2024, ZebPay has grown into a trusted name in the crypto community, with over 6 million registered users worldwide.

ZebPay stands out for its unwavering dedication to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. Envision a platform where trading is smooth, from quick payments to instant order settlements. With a diverse selection of over 150 crypto assets, ZebPay caters to the unique preferences of every trader. This extensive range has firmly established ZebPay as a frontrunner in the crypto industry.

Key Features

  1. ZebPay abides by the rules, making sure to adhere strictly to all major crypto regulations in India.
  2. Their lightning network guarantees faster speeds and lower fees, ensuring a smoother journey in the world of crypto for you.
  3. ZebPay gives you the chance to lend your assets and earn a stable interest rate of upto 8%, giving your investments an extra boost.
  4. ZebPay’s CryptoPack feature allows investors to purchase in curated portfolios at the click of a button.
  5. Managing crypto taxes can be a headache, but ZebPay has teamed up with TaxNodes to make Income Tax Return (ITR) filing easier for users, removing the stress from tax season.
  6. Security is paramount for ZebPay. ZebPay’s multistage security protocols ensure that your crypto remains secure at all times.
  7. ZebPay takes paramount priority in compliance. It is an FIU-registered and follow complete adherence to PMLA laws.

2. Bitget

Bitget is one of the top crypto exchanges in India. Picture it as your dependable partner in the vast world of digital assets, where things can sometimes feel overwhelming. Backed by a solid $300 million protection fund, Bitget acts as a safety net for your valuable digital assets. Security and trustworthiness are their utmost priorities. They go to great lengths to ensure that every user is genuine, implementing strict Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. This dedication to authenticity builds a strong bond of trust between Bitget and its users, creating a secure and transparent trading space.

The platform offers competitive fees and a diverse range of cryptos, catering to various investment preferences and strategies. It’s this blend of trust, security, accessibility, and choice that makes Bitget a preferred option among crypto enthusiasts in India and beyond. 

Key features:

  • Bitget provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a two-factor withdrawal confirmation, and secure, encrypted storage for your data to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
  • They take regulatory standards seriously, creating a safe and legitimate trading space for all users.
  • Your identity is independently verified, adding an extra layer of trust and security to your account.
  • You can conveniently use your debit or credit card to purchase crypto, making transactions fast and effortless.
  • Bitget provides 24/7 customer support to ensure continuous assistance, with priority access via Telegram for swift issue resolution.
  • Their intuitive interface caters to users of all levels, incorporating advanced features that are readily accessible to fulfill diverse needs.

3) BitBNS 

In the dynamic world of crypto, BitBNS gained recognition by mid-2022, achieving the prestigious status of being India’s largest crypto exchange. BitBNS distinguished itself with substantial trading volumes, securing an impressive 82% market share during a period in 2022.

BitBNS is more than just numbers. It’s about convenience and accessibility. Depending on your location and verification status, BitBNS might provide immediate deposits for certain payment methods, simplifying the initial setup process. Featuring a varied portfolio of over 590 crypto, BitBNS provides access to a wide range of investment opportunities.

Key features

  • Just imagine the possibilities of trading with advanced features like margins, futures, and options—BitBNS offers these tools to enrich your investment strategies.
  • BitBNS prioritizes your safety and compliance with regulations. They adhere strictly to the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) and mandate Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Additionally, they enhance account security with fingerprint/PIN authentication measures.
  • BitBNS offers a referral program that can turn your connections into a source of income by giving you 50% of the trading fee for each successful referral.
  • They also have a cool feature where you can stake their native crypto, BNS, which can help you earn passive income.

4) Mudrex

Mudrex has become the go-to platform for crypto investment in India, loved for its user-friendly interface and wide array of options. With a selection of crypto assets, Mudrex promises to have just what you need to meet your investment objectives. However, Mudrex does not just stop at basic features. It goes above and beyond by offering expert-curated Coin Sets. These curated sets are like carefully crafted investment portfolios, designed to help you diversify your investments, reduce risk, and maximize potential returns.

Key features

  • Mudrex offers a variety of products tailored to your investment preferences, whether you prefer the secure Vault, expertly crafted coin sets, or individual coins.
  • Mudrex puts your peace of mind first by providing direct access to customer support and a wealth of knowledge right within the app.
  • Security is their top priority, employing biometric authentication and AES-256 encryption to protect your data. Plus, your funds are insured for added protection.
  • Mudrex makes investing in crypto assets a breeze with its easy-to-use interface that simplifies navigation.
  • Compliance is a top priority for Mudrex; they are registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), adhere to India’s Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) regulations, maintain rigorous KYC norms, and keep detailed records.

5) WazirX

WazirX has become a trusted companion for crypto enthusiasts in India, boasting a vibrant community of over six million registered users who depend on it as their primary platform. What makes WazirX special is its fluid and lively platform, effortlessly linking buyers and sellers through peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. This unique feature, combined with its traditional exchange services, makes transactions effortless for its growing community of users.

With a vast selection of more than 100 crypto assets available for investment, WazirX presents endless opportunities for traders. Its range of services accommodates various interests and investment approaches.

Key Features

  • WazirX shines with its unique digital asset, WRX, giving users the freedom to use it just like any other crypto asset.
  • Compliance is a key focus for WazirX, proudly registering with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and maintaining a robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy.
  • For enhanced security, WazirX uses two-factor authentication, regularly assesses security measures, and even rewards users through a bug bounty program for finding platform vulnerabilities.
  • Their referral program goes beyond commissions; it serves as a tool to cultivate a community of traders and nurture engagement among users.


After diving into the top crypto exchange apps in India, you have seen the impressive array of assets they offer. From Bitget and ZebPay to BitBNS, Mudrex, and WazirX, each platform has its own set of special features tailored to suit the diverse needs of crypto users.

Now armed with this knowledge, you are ready to make thoughtful choices. Choosing the right platform goes beyond ticking off feature lists. Considerations like security, ease of use, and customer support are equally vital in finding the ideal match for your needs. It’s about discovering the perfect fit that aligns with your unique goals and preferences. Take your time to thoroughly research before committing to a platform for your crypto ventures.

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Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Each investor must do his/her own research or seek independent advice if necessary before initiating any transactions in crypto products and NFTs. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author, and not to ZebPay or the author’s employer or other groups or individuals. ZebPay shall not be held liable for any acts or omissions, or losses incurred by the investors. ZebPay has not received any compensation in cash or kind for the above article and the article is provided “as is”, with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information.

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