TechnologyChoosing The Right Size Solar Inverter At The Right Price

Choosing The Right Size Solar Inverter At The Right Price

Solar power systems require solar inverters to work properly. A comparison of quotes captures what would be a reasonable solar inverter price. While reviewing a solar inverter price guide, consider that other factors determine the choice of the right inverter.

Budgeting for the Right Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is the foundation of a solar power system. When it fails, it grounds the entire system. Therefore, it is wise to choose a powerful inverter. It is also prudent to consider the cost of the right inverter to make a value purchase.

The following are pointers on choosing the right inverter and at the right price:

* Ideal Size of Inverter

The right size of the inverter depends on various factors. The inverter size should match the DC rating of the system’s solar panels. For instance, a 6kw inverter can work with a 6.6kw solar power system. An undersized inverter gives higher energy output. Such an inverter gives peak output in the evenings and mornings and optimises the overall energy production.

To get the most out of a solar power system, it is advisable to install as many solar panels as possible. That requires careful choice of the installation area to ensure it is open and spacious. The choice of a solar inverter that matches the power system follows. 

Consider the possibility of upgrading solar panels to suit evolving energy needs. Also, solar panels have changed, and some brands have gone off the market. An attempt to purchase solar panels later to upgrade an old system could cause a mismatch between the new panels and the old inverter.

In preparation for such an eventuality, budget for an expandable or multi-string solar inverter. Choose a large inverter that will accommodate additional solar panels in the future. Ensure the inverter’s DC rating matches the DC rating of the solar panels’ output.

* Choose by Brand

Features define different solar inverter brands. Some brands come from specific countries. Top brands come from European countries, Germany, and China. These are expensive but value for money. They are high-quality inverters with many features and remarkable performance. As expected, they are expensive, durable, and have a long history of commendable output.

Still, there are hybrid models with innovative features. They, too, are expensive high-brand appliances. Some brands are large, while others are small. That calls for consideration of the space where they will be installed and the number and rating of the solar panels.

There are popular mid-range brands backed by many years of good performance. Sometimes, price is not everything when determining the quality of solar inverters. There are cheap yet reliable and well-supported brands on the market. 

The cheapest brands disappoint on durability. Some brands from Asia keep evolving to meet the needs of consumers. They remain within the cost-effective price range. As with many technology-based items, a manufacturer’s name and brand are worth much when choosing inverters.

* Peruse Authoritative Reviews

Many authoritative sources post genuine and detailed reviews on solar inverter brands. Many contain feedback from buyers who installed the inverters. The reviews also highlight the inverter brands and models available in Australia for comparison.

The reviews provide other details, such as the most reliable and affordable suppliers and installers. Some discuss the retailer’s or contractor’s deal on purchase, installation, and maintenance schedules. It is also wise to know the different terms and conditions offered and practices that could void a warranty.

Inverter reviews by previous buyers and manufacturers also alert users to discounts and sales promotions that could ease the financial burden when procuring an inverter. They are secret haunts for bargain and budget deals within and outside the country. 


  • The procurement and installation of solar power systems involve hefty costs. The right information on solar power systems and their inverters goes a long way toward protecting against fraudsters. It also helps buyers locate the right solar inverters at the right price.
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