TechnologyBigCommerce App Development: Extending Functionality with Custom Apps

BigCommerce App Development: Extending Functionality with Custom Apps

Apps simplify our lives and help us to perform various tasks in our routine life. They do everything from setting up an alarm to ordering groceries for the kitchen. BigCommerce is an excellent tool for developing responsive apps for E-commerce businesses. It helps to boost sales of the business and make customized apps for the different businesses.

Let us talk about BigCommerce app development and how to add app extensions to the new apps.

Meaning of App Extensions

Before discussing the benefits of BigCommerce app development, let us first understand the meaning of app extensions. The term app extension is an addition made to the app that helps merchants and developers to a large extent. App extensions show different products, pages, and orders to the users. App extension is adding new features and modifying the existing features as well.

In addition, the app extension means integrating the existing apps with the different systems and making the BigCommerce store more engaging for the users.

Reasons to Use App Extensions on the Bigcommerce Platform

Many small businesses today hire the best Bigcommerce development services for building good apps. You can extend the functionality of the apps with the help of the BigCommerce platform. These app extensions are helpful in several ways such as:

Help to add new features to your apps

Choosing a BigCommerce platform is beneficial for small and new businesses. It helps to modify the app or add new features to the existing app and use it with multiple systems. It also improves the functionality of the existing or new apps.

Easy to build custom apps

One of the major benefits of using the BigCommerce platform is that it builds responsive and excellent custom apps. Developers and merchants can easily build custom apps with rich features for simple use and navigation. App extensions also help developers register certain custom menu items that are visible on the standard control panel page.

Makes operations better for the business

App extensions help to streamline all the operations of the business effectively. They can also automate the various tasks and make workflow simpler than before. Besides, the app extensions also improve the efficiency of different business operations. Every sector of the business works effectively with the help of app extensions.

Helps to build the personalized app

Bigcommerce app with extensions helps to create a personalized control panel for the developers and merchants. Users will find all the options easily while buying various items from online stores. On the other hand, the merchants can introduce various options on the app to manage their different tasks.

Easy integrations

App extensions help to integrate your existing apps with different systems and platforms. They help to integrate apps with systems such as ERP systems, CRMs, and other marketing platforms. Moreover, the app extensions help in the easy operation of E-commerce activities from one place.

Helps to build good customized apps

One of the major benefits of using app extensions is that you can build good customized apps. You can use these extensions as per the likes of your customers and business needs and preferences. It is easy to create different types of custom workflows and third-party system integrations with app extensions. You can fulfill all your business needs by using the app extensions for your business.

How to use App Extensions for your apps?

You can use the App extensions for Bigcommerce apps to gain better results in your business. The prerequisites for using App extensions are listed as under:

  • BigCommerce stores like a sandbox store or some non-production store
  • Developer portal account with the same email account registered on the sandbox store.
  • General knowledge of how to develop BigCommerce apps

You can implement app extensions on the existing store through Panel and Link. Under the Panel option, the main focus is the side panel that is placed on the right side of the user’s view.

Under the Link option, the focus is the app’s location. Clicking on the App extension will take the users to the URLs of the app.

Steps to Use the App Extensions to a New App

If you want to add extensions to the new app, follow the below steps:

  • The first step is to create a draft app with the help of NextJS Sample App. Then you have to clone this repository and check the branch of app extensions.
  • The next step is to register the app by entering your email address. Then you have to log in to the BigCommerce Developer Portal and click on the Technical page. You have to further add app extensions to your app. This step will include adding an extension to every page of the products.

There is a different process for adding app extensions to the existing app. You can hire a professional Bigcommerce developer to make your app more engaging with all the required app extensions.


App extensions are very useful for small businesses that want to expand their operations and boost sales. They help to build customized apps for running the various operations of the business smoothly for development.

From streamlining business operations to giving a personalized user experience, the app extensions can give multiple benefits. They improve the efficiency of the business and help to integrate the apps with different platforms and existing systems. Hire the best App Development Company for your business needs and gain the maximum app extension benefits.

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