BusinessBeyond ping pong: Unexpected perks that make coworking spaces unique

Beyond ping pong: Unexpected perks that make coworking spaces unique

The environment of work is changing,” says Zoltan Szalas, a coworking expert. A unique, friendly and flexible workspace is now more important and impressive than the old conventional offices. The open coworking spaces filled with personalized and fun features, with a peaceful cooperative environment, allow the employees to grow closer together at the same time through networking. 

The officers can include various unexpected perks to make the coworking spaces unique, by including community building features, individuals or small teams renting desks or offices in a shared workplace, perks of free coffee, tea, fruit, beer, and other perks such as being economically efficient. We can also understand Coworking spaces as an arrangement where workers from different companies share an office space. It allows cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructure

All the industries are now investing in making coworking spaces unique, enjoyable, engaging and productive by including amenities, and physical and socializing activities. These small breaks can help in more creative and meaningful connection-building. 

Coworking spaces also work on a rental basis for economic efficiency. One can take a look at the office on rent in Pune and other cities for further details. Here’s a look at unique features, office designers can include in their office world to enhance employee experience in the coworking spaces

Gym and Exercise Room

The most useful and productive perk the coworking spaces can offer is the free installation and access to a gym, Therapy Sessions and Exercise Room for the employees. If the employees of a firm are healthy, they can perform and contribute better as valuable assets. Many coworking spaces prioritize the health and fitness of the employees to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Valet Parking

The dedicated parking perks and valet for assistance in parking employees’ vehicles can add a personalized and premium touch in the coworking spaces. It provides security, convenience, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and saves time.  It can benefit both the employees and the clients. Coworking spaces can get an advantage if they have happy employees and clients for a more prosperous business. 

Unique Sittings

Coworking spaces can install full-customisable and personalized sitting furniture for comfort and are ideal for meeting new people. Office designers can use bleacher sittings, hammocks, flexible chairs and couches instead of old boring chairs. New types of chairs in coworking spaces, also provide back support for physical health of the employees. 

Outdoor terrace cafe

The coworking spaces can build an outdoor terrace cafe to add uniqueness and fanciness to the office decor. During or after long working shifts, employees need breaks and freshness, and what is better than an outdoor terrace cafe. Designers can include comfortable couches, bean bags, plants,  books and free coffee machines as an unexpected perks of the coworking spaces. It provides relaxation, and enhances well-being, creativity, and collaboration. 

Freebies Food, Fruits and Beverages

The coworking spaces can provide healthy and nutritious food and beverages to their employees. Free coffee and tea during break time for the employees can help in employee satisfaction and a happy working space for all. 

Slides, not Stairs

One can add fun features to the coworking spaces to tackle boredom and make the space Exciting. One of the fun features is the installation of Slides instead of old boring stairs at the Google office. Other features can be open cabinets without any partitions for better interaction and community building. 

Free Bicycle Rides

To make the coworking spaces accessible for the employees and to encourage them, firms can offer free Bicycle rides. These rides will also help in a more sustainable environment and those employees who live near the firm can use these cycles for their daily up-down. Bicycles can also be considered a fun activity during break times. Keeping mind and body fresh for further efficient work. 

Games and Socializing 

These gaming and socializing features can be seen in many coworking spaces which gives employees a welcome afternoon break. The coworking spaces can also arrange friendly little competitions to stimulate employee bonding. Open Spaces for socializing such as terrace golf court, meeting room, game center and pool tables can help in better team building and teamwork. 

Projector and Discussion Area 

The coworking spaces can install a common projector and discussion room for formal, and informal meetings and late-night movie parties. Meeting spaces are essential for coworking spaces where freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers can come together and exchange ideas. These ideas have multiple benefits such as reducing distractions, improving collaboration,  flexibility, and convenience and it’s cost effective. 

Lightning Fast Internet 

The world is becoming a more networked society, every information is sent and received through the internet. Hence, a lightning-fast internet connection and free WiFi amenities are essential in coworking spaces. The high-speed internet connections allow the employee to perform their standard tasks without any issues. 

Daycare Rooms and Nursery 

The coworking spaces can provide nursery daycare facilities to working parents. Only a few coworking spaces have included this feature. But the daycare rooms for the children of the employees can help them to work without the tension and stress of their child, improving their productivity and work worth. It also helps the employee to maintain a work-life balance, so that they don’t have to choose between their work and family. 

Air Purifiers 

Clean air and environment help in better employee creativity, mind peace and mindfulness. Coworking spaces must install Air Purifiers for the healthier and cleaner air, especially in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. 

Community Events and Workshops 

Community events such as yoga, exercise, talent hunt shows and free creative workshops contribute to the balance of work-life integration and community. These workshops help in team building, social interaction, gaining support and helping in community awareness. Employees embody new and creative knowledge that they can utilize in their work as well. 


The amusing features of the newer coworking spaces are helpful in team building, enhancing employee satisfaction and economically benefiting the firms. These unexpected perks cannot be experienced at the old traditional offices making them unique for the coworking spaces. Coworking spaces bring like-minded people together creating a sense of community. There are many benefits of coworking spaces such as community building, amenities, space utilization, use of ergonomics and initiative building. Unexpected perks and amenities help in enhancing productivity, efficiency and creativity in the firm. 

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