TechnologyBehold the Flip Smartphone from VERTU'S IRONFLIP

Behold the Flip Smartphone from VERTU’S IRONFLIP

Now experience the ultimate status with VERTU’s Flip Smartphone in IRONFLIP Basalt Black Alligator Skin! Start your order with us right now to get one of the first ones, we will be happy to assist and expedite your order.

A Display of Excellence

The next-generation IRONFLIP Flip Smartphone features the cutting-edge dual-screen design, where the best of function and style are actually combined together. Open the portable lamp to enjoy glamorous 6. 7″ flexible OLED main screen (1200nit peak brightness, resolution) with and a 120Hz intelligent refresh rate. The form factor which is a 1. 43″ round OLED display with 466466 resolution (326PPI pixel density) is a perfect fit for your eyes for quick notifications and controls.

The IRONFLIP Flip phone presents dual-screen design with remarkable incorporation of functionality and stylish genuine leather and antique gold coverings. Unlock the device to appreciate the result of a stunning 6. 7″ flexible main screen that is OLED and brings 25601888 resolution, 1200nit peak brightness and a 120Hz intelligent refresh rate. Cover screen is a 1. 40″ round OLED display with 456456 resolution and 326PPI pixel density ideal for easy notifications and controls.

Sleek and Sophisticated

The IRONFLIP Flip Smartphone’s creative, smart design facilitates ease of holding and use; the flip phone is indeed great. With the folded device on its side, it will be 17075cm long. 58. This irons is 29mm in thickness when folded. As for the dimensions, it is 87mm across when stored. 675. An additional 517 with 246g weight and 8mm in size. An elevation of Basalt Black Alligator is set that adds a feel of exquisiteness and elegant sensibility, making this machine a status symbol that no others can challenge.

Capture Life’s Moments

IRONFLIP INFUSED Flip Smartphone is designed to meet consumer’s requirements. The camera system of this phone is amazing, with a 50MP primary sensor and 2MP wide-angle lens placed on the rear, and a 16MP front camera for taking selfies. Seize the present and the valuable scenes of daily life through crystal clear images and with the help of awesome features like zoom, portrait mode and so on.

Power and Performance

The device is fueled by the Snapdragon 855 Gen 2 chip, which is 4nm 5G compatible and provides exceptional performance and long battery life capability. The 12G RAM and 512GB onboard storage will add to the 10T distributed storage for fast multitask, along with your application, image and clip storage. On the other hand, A5 independently-operable security chip is the assurance concerned.

Battery Life and Charging

This product comes with a 4310mAh superpower capable of fast charging up to 65W. Fast make a charge for your device and make the edit of the day.

Seamless Connectivity

Get ready for uninterrupted online music streaming with global Internet access as well as dual speakers and Hi-Fi Audio technology powered by Bluetooth 5. 3, USB 3. 2, GPS, and NFC. The facility of side fingerprint sensor and facial recognition technology ensure easy authentication via biometry.

Description: Enjoy the ultimate luxury with the VERTU IRONFLIP Smartphone in the exquisite Basalt Black Alligator Skin. Pre-order yours now and be among the privileged few who own a smartphone that will redefine the notions of consumer electronics luxury with its long list of technologically advanced features in a phenomenal design.

Short FAQ:

Q: Is the resolution the best for your internet connectivity needs?

A: 6. 7″, 2790×1188 px, foldable OLED.

Q: What dimension of the screen is and the resolution of it?

A: 1. A 43” screen, 466*466 OLED resolution for the touchscreen.

Q: What is the volume of fact?

A: 128G RAM + Internal 512S +TB external distributed storage inside.

Q: What amount of energy does this battery hold and at what speed does the battery be charged?

A: 4310mAh superfast charging support at 65W.

Q: What type of the camera specification do you use?

A: Back: 50MP + 2MP Wide Angle, Front: 16MP.

Q: What is the main memory and tracing chip?

A: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 5G chip that uses a 4 nm process, and A5 static security chip.

Q: What is the communication system, is it WiFi, Bluetooth, and what are the positions of the sensors?

A: World famous brand, side fingerprint designation, two voices, better sound quality, BT5. 3, USB 3. 2, GPS, NFC.

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