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All Doppler Phases in CS2


As players delve deeper into understanding weapons and associated items, they encounter a complexity: Doppler Phases. Are they a weapon type, a skin, or perhaps some kind of wear level for knives? It’s entirely understandable to be unsure. The purpose of this article is to explain Doppler Phases in simple terms. Let’s begin!

What are Doppler Phases?

So, this is how it works: Typically, we start with a basic knife and can personalize it with various skins available in the market. However, phases offer a more intricate level of customization. They function as skins within skins, enabling us to tailor our preferences further, considering factors such as price, rarity, and aesthetics. In response to your question, yes, Doppler serves as a knife finish, and, like any other skin, Dopplers with their phases can be purchased from the Steam Marketplace, third-party providers, through CS2 knife cases, and so on.

However, not every knife features Doppler finishes; rather, they are exclusively found on knives eligible for drops:

  • Talon and Ursus
  • Karambit
  • Butterfly
  • Stiletto and Navaja
  • Hunstman and Bowie
  • Falchion and Shadow Daggers
  • M9 Bayonet and Bayonet
  • Flip Knife and Gut

And here are the CS2 knives that do not have the possibility of dropping with a Doppler finish:

  • Nomad
  • Skeleton
  • Survival
  • Paracord
  • Classic

Doppler Phase 1

Phase 1 Doppler knives typically feature a black coloration with a hint of purple. This color scheme extends to the backside of the knife as well, with a comparable purple effect. It’s important to note that this characteristic isn’t unique to any specific knife but is consistent across all Phase 1 knives. These skins are generally considered among the more affordable options within the Doppler range.

Doppler Phase 2

Phase 2 Dopplers are highly sought after among the four base phases. In contrast to Phase 1, Phase 2 skins are characterized by their predominantly pink design complemented by subtle dark purple accents, essentially the reverse of Phase 1. Typically, priced higher than Phase 1 skins, Phase 2 skins commonly range from $250 to $4,000.

Doppler Phase 3

Given that Phase 2 was deemed more valuable than Phase 1, one might assume that Phase 3 finishes would be even more coveted. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case in many instances. The perceived reason lies in their design, which features a blend of bluish and black tones. This combination often results in a finish that is considered less appealing, at least by the majority of players. The lower demand for Phase 3 also reflects in its pricing, with the knife being considerably cheaper compared to the previous two phases. Phase 3 Dopplers typically range between $200 and $2,400.

Doppler Phase 4

Phase 4 finish has a distinctive and visually appealing black and blue color combination that enhances the appearance of any knife. This design particularly shines on knives with minimal wear, often leading to prices nearly doubling those of earlier phases. Players can expect to invest around $500, even for a low-end Phase 4 skin, and the prices can climb to an average of $3500 for skins with superior characteristics.

Doppler Ruby

Ruby knives boast a strikingly red design reminiscent of blood-red ruby gemstones in real life. Prices for skins in this phase range from $830 for a Navaja Knife to $13,300 for a Butterfly Knife.

Doppler Sapphire

The Sapphire phase, also referred to as the “gem” finish, is characterized by knives that are predominantly one color. Skins in this phase exhibit stunning appearances on the battlefield, but they are also quite rare, which significantly drives up their prices, ranging from $600 to $17,000. Typically, these skins are acquired through purchases from the Steam Marketplace or third-party platforms, as obtaining one through opening cases requires an extraordinary stroke of luck.

Doppler Black Pearl

Here we have the most valuable and rare Doppler finishes, known as the Black Pearl. Featuring a sleek all-black design, this knife may not be as eye-catching as the Sapphire or Ruby versions, but it remains highly coveted. Prices for the Doppler Gem Black Pearl can soar to remarkable levels, frequently surpassing $3000.

How and Which Doppler Finish Should You Get

The question is intriguing, but it lacks a straightforward answer due to its dependence on your specific preferences and priorities. Before deciding on which phase to acquire, there are several key considerations to ponder. Always approach your decision with a structured mindset, starting with an assessment of your budgetary constraints. From there, delve into factors such as rarity, design aesthetics, popularity, wear levels, and more.

Let’s consider an example: if you have a budget of $250, it’s not practical to aim for Doppler Sapphire or Black Pearl at this stage. Instead, focus on choosing between Doppler Phase 1 and Phase 2 based on which design you prefer. If saving money is a priority and the design isn’t critical, opting for Phase 1, which is slightly less expensive than Phase 2, might be a wise decision.

Moreover, there are other factors that could impact your choice, such as investment potential. Unlike other characteristics, this factor requires careful analysis to identify undervalued and overvalued skins. The strategy is straightforward: buy when undervalued and sell when overvalued. However, identifying these skins is more complex than it seems and requires thorough research and analysis.


Here we are, ready to explain Doppler phases to anyone and everyone. In summary, this article has taught us that Doppler serves as a knife skin, providing players with the opportunity to customize their weapons according to their preferences through various phases. It’s important to note that Dopplers are not available for all CS2 knives. There are four main phases and three additional Doppler phases, each distinguished by unique appearances and values. However, determining which phase is best is a subjective question that only you can answer, considering your own preferences. They are all excellent choices, albeit differing in appearance, prices, values, and rarities. Ultimately, don’t overthink it; we’re all here to play and enjoy. So, grab your weapon, and let’s meet on the battlefield.

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