GamingAce Your New Professional Career In the Online Casino Industry

Ace Your New Professional Career In the Online Casino Industry

With revenue of more than $2.3 billion in 2023, the online gambling industry is doing particularly well in Canada. A few factors can explain the explosive growth during the last five years: people tend to stay home more often, and most importantly, they can access a wide range of fabulous games from their smartphones.

Because online games are all the rage with the Canadian public, there are many job opportunities in this industry. Many of these job opportunities are open to a vast majority of talents, ranging from website developers to live casino dealers. Today, you can join the excitement at Canada’s exclusive online casino and look for a new career in this vibrant industry. Here is a choice of careers that you might be interested in 2024. 

Front End and Back End Engineer

Casino sites are giant machines that require a large workforce to maintain them. Web developers are obviously at the core of the operations, and their role is to ensure that the website is working well at any moment of the day. Think about it: it’s a full-time job that offers various games, from table poker to roulette to blackjack. Slot machines are also the bread and butter of these sites, and they have been developed by famous companies such as Playtech, Microgaming, Red Tiger, and Evolution Gaming.

Therefore, if you are fluent in coding languages such as C++, Python, or even Javascript, there will always be a place for you. Front and Back engineers are here to ensure the customer has the most flawless experience. This requires tools and knowledge, and the pay is usually good at the beginning. I don’t think some fancy AI will run a website like this by itself. Anybody with solid computing skills is a person of interest in this field.

Some of these jobs are widely available in Canada, but don’t forget that you can work remotely for a foreign company. You can browse job ad sites and see which company is hiring.

Risk Operations

Casinos hate losing money. Therefore, they need to deploy all the tools and techniques they can to avoid fraud, fake accounts, and other issues that could alter revenue in the long run. The people in Risk Operations work a wide variety of jobs: fraud analysts, KYC experts, and risk management, in a general sense.

This ensures that the online casino you work with isn’t a victim of repeated fraud, money laundering, and other criminal activities that could ruin all the fun. Plus, this kind of job requires some investigative skills. It’s perfect for people who enjoy playing detective and catching the bad guys!

Live Dealer

Live dealer games have become a massive part of gaming platforms’ entertainment due to a simple but efficient concept: you can play table casino games with a live dealer without moving from your couch. Live dealers are actually human beings recorded in a studio. They are like jacks of all trades who can distribute cards, spin wheels, and maintain a friendly relationship with players via an interactive chat.

Live dealer casino games is a career you can try from anywhere applicable, although there are countries such as Malta, Cyprus or Latvia where the industry is enormous. Some positions are also available in North America. An excellent live dealer is typically a dynamic and friendly person with a deep knowledge of card games. Being young and good-looking is a plus, although thriving in a fast-paced environment is essential.

Even if the pay of a live dealer for casino games is relatively low at the beginning, you might be profiting from generous tips given by generous customers. Some companies offer tips for employees, and some don’t. It’s important to know this detail before applying for this position.

Brand Marketer/ Graphic Designer

The online gambling industry cannot escape this: public image is everything, and a successful website almost always knows how to promote its brand through various channels. Amongst those channels, social media is a big thing, and a brand needs to be active on the main ones, such as Instagram or Facebook. More often than that, promotions at a casino emphasize seasonal bonuses and promotions that players adore. Bonus upon registering is a big thing, too.

The graphic designer’s role is paramount to maintaining a good image of the casino brand. It helps promote it by creating an atmosphere and graphics that players enjoy. A good casino is a website where you feel the most at home. Graphic designers and artists should know what the public likes and cater to its desires to ensure revenue growth.

Interested in developing your career in the casino industry? Look for the hottest new jobs in Canada, a country with more than 13.2 million casino users in 2023. Remember that many of these jobs can be done remotely and that European companies are hiring people from all over the world.

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