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5 Highest Grossing Sports Movies of All Time

There’s nothing Hollywood scriptwriters and movie producers love more than a rags-to-riches sports tale. Whether based on real life, like Raging Bull, or the stuff of fiction, like the Rocky Balboa series, sports stories make for great movies. They write themselves with the right characters, are great fun to make, and fans love them. There’s something about an underdog’s journey to the top that inspires people.

What is your favorite sports-themed movie? There are plenty to choose from, and it’s always a popular genre with new releases that captivate audiences. The best sports movies also attract the attention of a new generation, with movie lovers rolling back the years to enjoy Mighty Ducks or Remember the Titans. Imagine seeing the original Karate Kid for the first time. That’s a special moment in any film fan’s life.

The viewing figures on popular live-streaming apps, like Netflix and Disney Plus, show a recent surge in people watching sports movies. We like to think that trend is driven by the bumper summer of sports that awaits us. Fans have planned their viewing, booked a break from work to enjoy the show, and made predictions on the Betonline app. They’re now running down the clock to kick off with a movie.

Preparation is key

Why are sports fans so excited as we approach summer? There’s a jam-packed few months of sporting highlights ahead, including the Olympic Games in Paris, France. The ancient international celebration of sports returns in 2024 in the beautiful city of Paris, attracting athletes, coaches, and fans from across the globe. The race is on for gold and a place in the history books.

The Paris Olympics will begin almost as soon as the UEFA European Championship in Germany ends. If you’re a soccer fan, Euro 2024 will be right at the very top of your priorities list. This summer gives both Germany and Spain a chance to bag the trophy and set a new record for winning European titles. Spain is in great shape, but the Germans have an edge as they will host the tournament. Many fans believe home advantage could be the deciding factor. We can’t wait to find out.

But wait, we must, as the opening ceremony and first game of Euro 2024 are in June, with the final in July. Host nation Germany raises the curtain with a match against Scotland, and although the locals are favorites to open with a win, they’ll get nothing cheaply from a dogged and determined Tartan Army.

Looking for the perfect sports movie to get you in the mood and increase your excitement levels? Keep reading as we highlight the five highest-grossing sports movies of all time.

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The Blind Side (2009)

Directed by John Lee Hancock, “The Blind Side” is a heartwarming sports drama based on the true story of NFL player Michael Oher. 

Sandra Bullock stars as Leigh Anne Tuohy, a compassionate woman who takes in Oher, a homeless teenager with a troubled past, and helps him fulfill his potential both on and off the football field. 

The film struck a chord with audiences, grossing over $300 million worldwide and earning Bullock an Academy Award for Best Actress. Its themes of family, compassion, and the power of opportunity resonate deeply, making it one of the highest-grossing and most beloved sports movies of all time.

Rocky (1976)

Directed by John G. Avildsen and written by its star, Sylvester Stallone, “Rocky” is a classic underdog tale that has stood the test of time. 

Stallone portrays Rocky Balboa, a down-and-out boxer from Philadelphia who gets a once-in-a-lifetime shot at the heavyweight championship. The film’s gritty realism, iconic training montages, and memorable characters struck a chord with audiences, propelling it to box office success and critical acclaim. 

Rocky grossed over $225 million worldwide and went on to win three Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Its message of perseverance, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit continues to inspire audiences around the globe.

The Karate Kid (1984)

Directed by John G. Avildsen, “The Karate Kid” is a timeless coming-of-age sports drama that has captured the hearts of generations. 

Ralph Macchio stars as Daniel LaRusso, a teenager who learns the art of karate from his wise and eccentric mentor, Mr. Miyagi (played by Pat Morita), to defend himself against bullies and compete in a prestigious tournament. 

The film’s themes of friendship, honor, and self-discovery resonated with audiences, propelling it to box office success and spawning multiple sequels and spin-offs. “The Karate Kid” grossed over $130 million worldwide and remains a beloved classic cherished by fans of all ages.

Remember the Titans (2000)

Directed by Boaz Yakin, “Remember the Titans” is a powerful sports drama based on the true story of a high school football team in Virginia during the early 1970s. 

Denzel Washington stars as Coach Herman Boone, who faces racial tensions and adversity as he leads his team to an undefeated season and inspires unity and brotherhood both on and off the field. The film’s themes of race, leadership, and the power of teamwork struck a chord with audiences, earning over $136 million worldwide and garnering critical acclaim.

Remember the Titans remains a timeless classic that continues to inspire and uplift audiences with its message of hope and perseverance.

Space Jam (1996)

Directed by Joe Pytka, “Space Jam” is a groundbreaking sports comedy that combines live-action and animation to create a unique and entertaining cinematic experience. 

The film stars NBA legend Michael Jordan as himself, who teams up with the Looney Tunes characters to defeat a team of alien monsters in a high-stakes basketball game. “Space Jam” became a cultural phenomenon upon its release, grossing over $230 million worldwide and inspiring a generation of fans with its mix of humor, nostalgia, and thrilling basketball action. 

The film’s enduring popularity has led to a sequel, “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” set for release in 2021, further cementing its status as one of the highest-grossing sports movies of all time.

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