BusinessCommon Reasons Your WiFi Keeps Dropping Randomly

Common Reasons Your WiFi Keeps Dropping Randomly

For us internet users, there’s nothing more annoying than experiencing random WiFi drops while you’re doing your own thing. It has been a common problem for many people, and this issue doesn’t choose a specific internet, device, or situation. This modern inconvenience has left many people frustrated, especially if it happens while they’re doing an important task – an urgent Zoom call with their client, an online exam, or even while downloading important files for your presentation.

No matter the reason, we always try to blame our wireless providers. But is it really their fault all the time? Well, not really. There are several reasons why your WiFi keeps dropping randomly, and that’s what we’ll be sharing with you today.

  • You’ve placed your router in a bad spot.

The most common mistake people make is placing their router in a corner of the house or a secluded area filled with obstructions. Some of the areas people usually put their router include behind the TV, inside cabinets, or on a low shelf. These locations might seem convenient, but they can significantly weaken the WiFi signal. Walls, furniture, and even metal appliances can act as barriers, blocking the signal from reaching all parts of your house.

The best places to put your router in are in a central location, preferably high up away from walls and furniture, in an open space away from electronics that emit radio waves, or generally in an elevated position. When you do this, you’ll be able to maximize your internet plan.

  • It’s been a while since you last reset your router.

Resetting your router can do wonders, literally. We understand that it’s easy to forget to do this, especially if you don’t turn off your router whenever you leave the house. However, it’s an important habit that keeps your router performing optimally over time. For example, you have Boost Infinite as your internet plan. 

Since it’s already a great internet plan, you might not think there’s a need to do much but simply use it. However, even with a reliable provider like Boost Infinite, temporary glitches or configuration issues can still occur within the router itself. A simple reset can clear these hiccups and get your WiFi back on track.

  • There are too many devices connected to your router.

The popularity of smart devices keeps increasing day by day, and it’s not just as simple as new models of phones and laptops. Smart home technology grew massively in the previous years, so many people have been adding smart home devices without realizing how much these might have been straining their internet connection. 

Even though we are subscribed to the most reputable internet providers, if you don’t upgrade your internet plan to accommodate the growing number of devices, you might experience more frequent WiFi drops.

  • Your internet provider is currently having issues.

Even the most reliable internet provider can experience occasional hiccups. Scheduled maintenance, technical difficulties, or localized outages can disrupt service and cause WiFi drops in your area. Check your ISP’s website or app for updates, and consider online outage trackers to see if others are experiencing similar issues. If the problem persists after a reasonable wait time, contact your ISP’s support for further assistance.

The Bottom Line

If your WiFi keeps dropping randomly, it’s most likely caused by one of the four reasons we’ve shared in this blog post. While some of them may seem too basic, and we’re pretty sure you’ve seen similar advice before, they can really work wonders if you do them. So the next time you experience this issue, you have the information to address it yourself. Hope you learned something new today!

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