BusinessManaslu Trek in September, October and November (Autumn Season 2024)

Manaslu Trek in September, October and November (Autumn Season 2024)

In Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a well-liked and relatively new trekking path. All year round, it’s perfect, but the most popular trips are to Manaslu in September, October, and November. All the benefits of a traditional trek are there on the Manaslu excursion. There are kind folks, a rich history, and stunning scenery. Along the trekking trails, you will also witness a variety of plants and animals in addition to eight separate peaks rising beyond 7,500 meters. A Himalayan tahr, a blue sheep, or a snow leopard might be visible if you’re lucky.

While the Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp treks are more well-known, the Manaslu Circuit trek nevertheless draws hundreds of hikers each year. There are benefits and drawbacks to this trek’s remote location and pristine natural splendor. While some tourists are drawn to it, others are reluctant to pass through this area in order to trek. 

Trekking in the Manaslu region offers an experience of a lifetime due to its magnificent scenery and its jaw-dropping views of the massive Himalayan range. It’s not enough to just pick the perfect spot; you also need to take the weather into account.

The weather and trekking season may affect your journey. Every season has a unique set of requirements and preferences. September to November is when the autumnal season occurs. You will experience lovely, bright skies and comfortable weather on the Manaslu Trek

In Nepal, autumn is the best time of year to go hiking. Hiking into the Manaslu area will reward you with breathtaking vistas of rivers and mountains. It’s the busiest time of year for tourists, so the trails can be congested. 

There is minimal to no chance of rain during this season. With all these benefits, September, October, and November are regarded as the best months to visit this area, especially on the Manaslu journey. 

Highlights of Manaslu Trek in September, October and November

a breathtaking road trip from Kathmandu to Soti Khola via Arughat. 
Examine the Valley of Budhi Gandaki. 
Pass through Larkya La 
Investigate this area’s Tibetan Buddhist culture. 
captivating vistas of Mt. Manaslu and the Annapurna Range. 
Take a stroll amid the peace of the Manaslu area. 
See the Labrang Gompa, the Kargyu-Pemba Chholing Gompa, the Pungyen Nunnery, etc.

Manaslu Trek in September

September is the start of the Autumn season in Nepal, which is a post-monsoon period. Throughout September, you might also experience a range of temperatures and meteorological conditions. There may be some rain during the first week of September, but as the month goes on, it will stop. 

Monsoon clouds often show up in the late afternoon or early evening hours. The rain stops and the temperature drops as September nears its midpoint. It increases the dryness and steadiness of the weather. You can see the snow-capped Alps in an almost ideal view because the sky is clear. The higher you go, the lower the temperature.
September is the most popular month for the Manaslu hike. The nights are still extremely cold, but the days are getting softer. The temperature frequently drops below freezing. Hiking Manaslu in fall gains elevation from 700m to 5160m. 

The lower Manaslu region, including Bagat 1290m, experiences a temperature of 21°C, whereas the average temperature at higher altitudes is 7°C at 3860m.

Manaslu Trek in October

October is about the ideal time to visit the Manaslu Circuit Trek. For the autumnal season, this is the perfect month. There is a clear sky because to the nice and consistent weather. In the Manaslu region, trekking is pleasant and not overly hot or cold. 

One of the busiest months of the year is October, which is also a perfect time to explore the unique and unspoiled beauty of the area. Adventure seekers and trekkers will swarm this area. Make reservations in advance for your lodging, meals, and transportation.

The two biggest Hindu holidays in Nepal, Dashain and Tihar, occur in this month. October is the best month to visit Manaslu for its pleasant weather in the fall. In October, Manaslu experiences average temperatures ranging from 13 to 25 degrees Celsius. 

The typical daily temperature is in the range of 15 to 16°C. As altitude increases, temperatures decrease more, and they might drop below -1°C at night. Below -2°C is the average temperature in places higher than 4000m.

Manaslu Trek in November

The end of the fall season occurs in November. This is the ideal time to explore the Manaslu area because the weather grows cooler and drier after this month. One of the months with the least amount of fall rain is November. 

The temperature decreases with elevation, sometimes falling below freezing. There’s also a race or marathon on the Manaslu Trail in the fall. You have the option to participate in this marathon or not. 

The average temperature is 12°C at Arughat (3087m), which is also where your Manaslu journey begins. At night, temperatures in places like Samagaon and Samdo 3690m can drop as low as -3°C.

Advantages of Manaslu trek in September, October, November

The greatest time to travel is in the fall for a number of reasons. The following makes it clear why autumn is the ideal season to travel to this region of the country for the Manaslu Trek.


September through November is the ideal hiking season in the Manaslu region. Additionally, it brings with it the ideal temperature for comfortable and easy trekking. The monsoon is about to end, therefore naturally the temperature will return to normal. 

The atmosphere dries out because there is less moisture in the air. The temperature begins to decrease as you ascend in height. September may start off rainy, but generally clears up as the month progresses. October is the greatest month out of the three this autumn. Winter will start to hint at the beginning of November.

Beautiful Scenery

You won’t begin to experience the splendor of fall until approximately the middle of September. The clouds part and the sky becomes clear when the monsoon season ends. You will be able to witness the magnificent Himalayan range in all of its splendor. 

Seasonal fruits and veggies will be visible as you go along the hiking routes. Orange trees sprout out all over the hills, and the paddies in the fields change to gold. It’s time to gather the crops in late November.


Fall is by far the safest time of year to visit the Manaslu area. Due to the easy trails and pleasant weather, this walk is particularly ideal for those who have never trekked before. Because avalanches and landslides are less common on the Manaslu Circuit than other trekking routes, it is a safer path. 

The paths are in good condition and not slippery because there is little to no chance of rain. Leeches, mosquitoes, and other insects will be less prevalent on the trails in the absence of rain.

Holiday season

Fall festivals are also observed in Nepal. It introduces to Nepal holidays such as Dashain and Tihar. The Hindu population of Nepal places great importance on these two holidays. You will be a part of the beliefs, history, and culture of the Hindu people. 

Proper accommodations

Since now is the ideal time to hike in Nepal, more visitors visit the teahouses and conduct business. There are numerous tea houses on route to Nepal’s Manaslu Trek, which is also a teahouse trek. 

Since this is the peak travel season, reservations for teahouses may be required. It’s possible that you won’t locate the accommodations and services you desire. However, the tea establishments close in the bitter cold of winter. This implies that if you intend to travel during the winter, you should exercise particular caution. 

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Limitations of Manaslu trek in September, October, November


September, October, and November are considered fall. In Nepal, autumn is one of the most popular seasons for trekking. The same is true of Manaslu. Both the pathways and the teahouses are crowded with visitors. 

On the trekking paths, seclusion is nonexistent due to the constant presence of tourists. You may miss part of the history and beauty of the Manaslu Circuit and feel hurried.

Prices Have Increased 
When business is at its highest, tea house operators hike the prices of everything since more customers want to dine and stay. You could have paid much less for the same room and meals if it hadn’t been peak season. The cost of tickets, equipment, meals, lodging, and other items increases. 

There are several of tea stops along the 12 Day Manaslu Circuit Trek. The fact that this is the busiest travel season is something you cannot ignore. For those seeking adventure, Nepal is the ideal destination worldwide. It would be difficult to find the accommodations you require because the majority of the tea houses are filled. It is advisable to reserve a room.Manaslu Trek’s Benefits and Drawbacks 
Every season has its share of positive and negative aspects. The Manaslu Circuit has certain restrictions if you wish to trek it in the fall. The following are a few of the ineffective methods: 

There are less individuals in the area. 
It’s the ideal trekking weather right now. 
The sky is clear, and the days are sunny and bright. 
The temperature cools off when November arrives. 
September is when you may witness both the fall and the monsoon.

There will be rain and difficult-to-walk trails during the first week of September.
The monsoon is almost over, and the humidity is high. 

Accommodation and food must be booked in advance. 
On trails, there are also a lot of people. 
The weather turns colder as the season draws to a close. 
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Tips for Manaslu Trek

Traveling is always easier in the fall because there are less obstacles to overcome than in other seasons. 
Bring your tent, sleeping bags, crampons, and a few more items if you’re traveling during the winter (see gear list). 
It is advisable to engage in some cardiovascular exercises and training prior to hiking these trails. 
It’s always preferable to abstain from alcohol and tobacco since they exacerbate the situation. 
Eat an energy bar, drink lots of water, and continue running the trails, pausing for rests when necessary. 
Altitude sickness is a common issue on high-altitude hikes such as Manaslu, so be prepared for it. 

Please get in touch with us if you’re thinking about taking the Manaslu Circuit Trek or any other excursion in the Manaslu region. We can assist you in designing a personalized itinerary for the month and price you’ve chosen. 

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